Work Hard

A relative recently allowed a young man to live with her to try and help him get on his feet. He had been able to get jobs, but struggled to keep them. She made an agreement with him that as long as he would help her around the house he could stay there without paying rent. Unfortunately the arrangement was short lived. This nineteen year old "boy" when asked to do a simple job responded with attitude and insolence.
at Rock n Water with Emelie and a few of my young men
This was a good refresher for me on the importance of getting our kids working. Galatians 5:13 says "Serve one another in love." Although in a modern culture we sometimes have to manufacture work, (really how much hard work is there to do in a home on a small city lot), it is important that young men especially be pushed a bit beyond what we think they can do. I have always wanted to be a fun and lovey mom, but I do want to be a mom of men, and not perpetual boys, so I will try to stifle my sometimes misguided loveyness to push these young men of mine so they may actually become men and take on their God given role as providers and protectors.

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  1. EXCELLENT point! It is hard when we want to be a fun, "cool" mom -- especially to our tweens and teens, but we do need to require plenty of good, old-fashioned work!!