Medieval Studies

We just had another history get together for our study of the Middle Ages. This time we were talking about the Crusades and life in a castle so our projects were focused on those themes.
The girls and I made lovely princess hats. We found the idea from the Usborne book
Princess Things to Make and Do.
First we cut a piece of poster board into two semi circles.
Next we pulled one semi circle together to form a cone shape. We taped this together.
Then we ripped up pieces of glittery tissue paper and glued them all over the cone.
The last step was to tape three peices of long paper streamers to the hat.
Voila, medieval princess hat!
We could have made it even fancier by gluing pretty fabric to the cone and using real ribbon for the streamers but this budget version was pretty and fun.

My boys also brought string and sticks to make bows and arrows. The children then had an archery tournament.
We also pretended to have a plague and the children were able to use Thieves essential oil scented hankies to prevent contamination. Marla brought a tapestry making activity and the children were able to make up their own storyboard for a tapestry.
And of course we had good food! Marla brought fruit ala Saladin, Heather made lamb stew and we brought bread to use as trenchers and some biscuits for the gluten free crowd.
As always our history day was fun and inspiring for our young students. It is such a blessing to have creative friends to do these projects with.

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