A List Of Favorite Resources

We have read a few important books on homeschooling which have helped to develop our philosophy of education. We also have some favorite books and publishers that help us to reinforce our educational goals. Although we don't agree with every word in these books, and we hope you use your brain and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit as you apply what you learn, they have been helpful to us.

Parent Education

A Charlotte Mason Companion

Homeschooling Methods

Loving The Little Years

You Can Teach Your Child Successfully-Ruth Beechick

Montessori From The Start and Montessori in the Classroom-Lillard, Jessen

Endangered Minds-Jane Healy

Teaching The Trivium

Shepherding a Child's Heart-Tripp

Managers of Their Homes-Maxwell

Families Where Grace is in Place

Underground History of American Education-John Taylor Gatto

Audio teaching by Norm Wakefield, S.M. Davis

No Greater Joy, Vol. 1-3, Michael and Debbie Pearl
Giving an oral presentation.


Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready-Oberlander

Handwriting Without Tears

Spell To Write and Read

Apologia Science

Mommy It's a Renoir

Mystery of History

Five in a Row

Math U See

Teaching Textbooks Math

Our schooling has encouraged a love for other countries and cultures.


Developing a Family Vision

Conference season has shifted into high gear and as I prepare to speak this year I can see that one of the recurring themes of my sessions is having a family vision that is written down.

Enjoying the fruit of our land.

With so many choices as homeschool families it is essential that you know what the driving values of your family are. Having written down a vision statement way back before the turn of this century, we have been able to resist the temptation to jump into every available activity and focus on the ones that work towards the fulfillment of our goals as a family.

One of our friends at NiƱos De Fe orphanage in Mexico.

 For us, that involves projects that promote simple living, time with family, and Isaiah 58 ministry.  Although some of our implementation has changed through the years, the core values have remained consistent and have been essential in keeping us focused, even when it meant missing out on the fun of following the vision of another family.
Simple family fun.

Although our overriding goal as a family is knowing God and reflecting Him to others, having specific ways to accomplish that and writing them down has been a big blessing to our family.

Below I have included a PDF of a document that we used to build vision as a family. If you would like some ideas on filling it out, feel free to comment and I will try to answer your questions.
Click here for a Family Vision Document