A Big Botany Field Trip

We have used the Apologia Exploring Creation With Botany textbook with our science co-op over the past school year and learned so much about Kingdom Plantae (that's fancy for plants). 

Soaring Beauties

To cap off our amazing year of exploring the world of green growing things we took a field trip, and since one of the last chapters in the book is about gymnosperms, otherwise known as coniferophyta (see all the big words we learned from our Botany Textbook!) we decided to head to the mountains to find some trees.

It just so happens that we live within driving distance of not just any conifers, but of some of the oldest and tallest growing things on the planet, the Giant Sequoias. We loaded up our van with our friends, our nature journals, and our picnic lunch and started the trek to see these towering trees.

This particular park had a lovely boardwalk that meandered under these soaring beauties and we moms had a lovely stroll with our little ones while the older students hurried ahead to see what mysteries were around the next bend.
Under the Big Trees
It was a beautiful day, enjoying God's magnificent handiwork both in our surroundings, and in the company of good friends. A little time spent nature journaling and enjoying lunch under the trees was the grand finale to a wonderful year of botany.

Happy Hiker

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