Turn off the Television and Get a Life

"See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, redeeming the time…"
Ephesians 5:15-16

I read this article today which suggested that television viewing may be linked to poverty. While I take all studies with a grain of salt, the idea that by turning off the t.v. you might gain some life skills which would make you a more valuable employee or business owner, or even that perhaps the morality or lack of it displayed in television might make you a less productive citizen have merit. 
While we certainly slump wearily in front of a show now and then (hence our Frozen party), we are very careful to keep it to a minimum. The most useful way we do that is by not subscribing to any cable service, and staying busy doing things that are much more interesting than vicariously living some television character's sordid life.


The less the tv is on, the more likely your children, and you, will find other ways to entertain yourself. Growing a garden, raising chickens or reading a book are all productive pursuits to replace after school television temptation, and in the evenings, sitting around a good meal, reading the Bible together and practicing worship guitar, keep us busy and happy until it is time to say goodnight.


On the weekends when there might be temptation to turn on the tube, we are busy working in our yard, or taking a field trip to a beach or trout pond. Life is full of moments where we make seemingly small decisions that have huge consequences for the future. 

When we cut off the stream of inanity that often flows unfiltered into our homes, we are creating one more opportunity for us and our children to be transformers of culture, instead of merely partakers.

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  1. I agree--the TV is a dangerous time suck. As soon as its turned on, your motivation to do anything else disappears. So we try to just not turn it on until after the kiddos are in bed and we're sitting down to relax for a bit before bed. (I could completely go without it, but that's my husband's "relax time.") It also makes the times you DO intentionally watch it meaningful. We do family movie night every Friday, but it wouldn't be special if we watched TV every night anyway.