Closing Out the Year

The school year is winding down for us, and there are several steps that I take as I wrap up and begin planning for next year. These steps help me to evaluate what we loved about our school year, and begin thinking about what we will do in the coming school year. Taking this time while school is still in session, helps me to be realistic in my expectations of what we can plan and do. I want my school plan to be fun and interesting for all of us.

The first, and most important part of this process is interviewing my children. I ask them several questions, and use their answers to help plan the coming year.

An example of the questions that I ask;

What was your favorite thing we did this year?

What was your least favorite thing we did?

What did you most enjoy learning about?

What did you not enjoy learning?

What was your favorite book that you read?

I will even ask myself these questions. If a curriculum was not pleasant for me to teach, it might be also difficult for my children to learn from. There are many ways to teach, and finding one that meshes with your teaching style and your children's learning style is important.

We studied ancient history this year, and also did a study of birds. Everything that we loved doing was in some way hands on. We did lots of painting, and had some wonderful learning experiences. One of my favorites was when we made an aqueduct while we were studying the Romans. We also loved celebrating Jewish feasts, especially Succoth and Passover.

Some of our favorite resources this year;

We also subscribed to Audible this year. It was helpful for listening to longer books, such as The Robe, that I might have struggled to get through in my read aloud time.

As well, we loved using Analytical Grammar, and Math U See this year. There were a few things that we started out with but eventually ditched, and a few things that we added and loved. It was one of our best school years ever, and being a part of the Wild and Free community on Instagram had a big part in that. The inspiration that I gained at the conferences (and the inspiration I gained by studying for my speeches at the conferences) was very influential in cementing my vision for our homeschool.

These years with our children are so precious, and so fleeting. Homeschooling is a great tool for wonderful family relationships; knowing our children, and how they learn, makes the tool much more effective.

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