Road Tripping With Children

We just returned from a rapid road trip for a family event in Canada. Last summer was our epic family road trip, where all nine of us headed to La Conner, Washington for a slow and sweet celebration of family. This trip was a little different flavor. Two of my older children stayed home for work, and two of my middle sons were already in Canada with their grandparents, so the 24 hour drive up, was pretty quiet, and I was feeling full of excitement about seeing my boys again after 3 weeks apart.

We packed sandwiches and snacks, as well as audio books, nature journals, and DVD's to keep the youngest two occupied on the long drive. A few hours into the trip, we discovered that the DVD player wasn't working, so we contented ourselves with listening to The Jungle Book on C.D., as well as some of our Audible book selections.


We took a little short detour on the way up to visit a nature center, and then spent a few nights in Banff, exploring the natural history of that beautiful Canadian mountain town with some of our sweet siblings and cousins. We had scheduled the trip very tight so that we would be able to make it home for a conference, but we savored the time there with our family.

We also savored the time to see bears on the side of the road, to meet new friends, and to sit in natural hot springs as a family. Our time was full of new sights for my children, even though some of those sights were simply seen through the windows of a moving car.

Every new experience that your child can participate in, develops a whole store of confidence and openness about the world around them. I want my children to know that they can go where God calls them to go, and to do what God calls them to do. I want them to know lots of people, and experience many places.

 We might be frugal in the area of finances, but we do that on a day to day basis, so that we can give our children experiences that will help shape a big and brave outlook for them.

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