Jennifer Pepito is available to speak to your group on a limited availability basis.

Contact her at jennpepito@yahoo.com for scheduling information.

Some of her sessions include;

Bountiful Homeschooling on a Budget- How to save money so you can spend your life on what really matters.

Heavenly Mothering-Creating a home that nurtures your child's spirit.

The Peaceful Preschool-How to combine beautiful picture books with hands on projects to create a beautiful preschool experience at home.

Teaching History and Making It Classical, Memorable and Fun-History can be your child's favorite subject, this workshop will show you how.

Loving Your Children by Building Your Marriage (with her husband, Scott Pepito)

Brave Mothering-My journey from fear based parenting, to parenting free and full of faith.

The Gift of Homeschooling-"School is the advertising agency which makes us believe we need society as it is" Ivan Illich. Shake off the worries about not educating well, and learn from great educational philosophers what education should really be about.

Comments from attendees-

"Your sessions were very practical, helpful and encouraging"

"You truly, deeply and personally impacted me this weekend, your words were the confirmation that we prayed for"

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