Don't Forget the Babies!

Having homeschooled for 12 years, 17 if you start from the birth of our first child when my teaching journey really began, I have seen many homeschool families move from the toddler stage straight through to graduating a child from high school. Through all these years of hanging out with homeschoolers it is easy to see that balance is a hard thing to achieve. Trying to homeschool, keep a house tidy, care for babies and keep a marriage strong adds up to a big workload, especially when you add in caring for extended family, church needs and your community.
My initial purpose with this blog and eventual book is to encourage moms to not leave the little ones behind as they move forward with homeschooling older kids. Babies are a such a gift from God, cuddling with number 7 while I counsel my 17yr old on future plans has brought such joy to our lives, and I believe that with a bit of preparation we can take good care of these little ones as well as giving their older siblings a great education for the Glory of God.

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