Orderly Homes Equal Orderly Brains

How can we train our children to love what is pure, lovely and of good report and to equip them for life and godliness?
A first step is to prepare our home to be a place to learn. When we set the stage to make our homes orderly it helps our children's brains run in orderly patterns. Dr. Martha Bridge Denckla, a pediatric neurologist and director of the Kennedy Institute Neurobehavioral Clinic sees hundreds of children with attention problems each year and she wonders how much of this growing phenomenon of inattention may be attributable to a lack of basic organization in our children's lives. She says, "I see an awful lot of parents...who don't have the ability to provide the basic structure children need, simple things; mealtimes, bedtimes. It would be like language deprivation. If you don't have organized tutoring at home, you don't know what it feels like to have a rhythm to your day."
In plain English, children need to have regular mealtimes and bedtimes., an orderly place to grow and learn and a mom who isn't always rushing them out the door to some new activity.

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