All In A Day-What If My Children Won't Complete Their Chores

The beautiful thing about children and chores is that the more you work to establish good habits, the easier it is to enforce them. Chores are a good example. Several of my children are very automatic about making their beds, doing their scheduled dishes or clean up and keeping their things picked up. They have been doing the same things every day for a while now and they don't really have to think about it.
 I have found that most of my children balked with chores until about age 8, and it got steadily better after that. I have a thirteen year old son, who willingly, without being asked, string trims and mows the yard, tidies the house and vacuums the rooms. He also gets up in the morning and does his schoolwork quickly without a fuss. A few years ago that same child might have thrown a minor tantrum over a school subject or a chore. I am however, struggling right now with chores with my 10 and unders, but I believe that every day we are getting closer to that day when they begin doing their chores cheerfully without a fuss. Until we get there, I will continue to remind, reward or rebuke them as needed, trusting that the good work of being orderly and willing is being worked out in them and will in time be an overflow of their own good will toward the family as opposed to its current status of forced labor.

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  1. Excellent post! Good insights! This should encourage many mothers in developing good habits!