My Shrinking Family

I have seven children, but last week I found myself going through a day with a couple fewer children. It was a weird and scary preview of things to come. I have come to rely so much on the help of some of these older ones and in the meantime have neglected to expect from the next few the help they are capable of giving. It was a sober reminder that today is the day to direct and disciple these children. The time goes quickly and too soon these arrows will fly.
Now is the time to train.
Top training goals for the week;
#1 Basic room care
#2 Replace belongings after use
#3 Teach them to look for ways to help
#4 Schoolwork done neatly (it gets done, but neatness could be improved)
we love being together


  1. Even though I only have 4 children I can relate to this. I expect the regular stuff from my older ones, but the youngest is getting away with lots, like leaving things all over the house and forgetting to take her plate to the sink. Thanks for the reminder to work with the younger ones too! :-)

  2. I'm blog-hopping my way through all the HEDUA Team member blogs...LOTS of blogs!!

    My family has a big split! My older three are 24, 23, and 21 and my youngest is 8. A VERY different dynamic in our home than when all three girls were young. Jimmy is much more easily "babied" and not expected to contribute as much as his sister did at his age! This post was a great reminder that its time to raise my expectations!!

    Looking forward to getting to know you more!!