Selfish Reasons To Have More Kids

I read a book a while back by economist Bryan Caplan called "Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids". It was very interesting to me because although I have long heard the Christian reasons to have a big family, this writer's focus was purely secular and economical. Through the years as I have processed the idea of more children, some of the factors that make me inclined not to have more children are selfish, whether for me or my born children. I want to give each child enough love and attention, I want to be able to take reasonable care of myself and my husband so we are capable healthwise to be parents and then into the future, grandparents. Whichever way my thoughts of the moment sway, there are certainly few pleasures in this life which can compare to nurturing and caring for a baby or young child.

From the first flutters of tiny feet in my womb, to the feeling of their soft naked belly against mine as they savor the food God provides through me, few joys can compare. Baby laughter gurgling over with joy, toddler words with their soft inflections and childish questions fill my heart with delight and sorrow as I know too well that they grow quickly.
Even the growing brings its own joys. Late night conversations with a daughter, coffee in bed brought by a tall handsome son, and helping them gain new skills are a pleasure in themselves.

Every bit of being a mom is a treasure, the intensity of it makes the moments away more valuable, but there is nothing that brings as much joy and fulfillment as spending my days watching these small people as they discover their world, from the sweet taste of an apple on the lips of a two year old, to the delight of words in the works of Shakespeare and the heart crying out of the Psalms.

My whole being is pulled toward the Lord in love and thankfulness as the tides are pulled by the moon as I reflect on His mercy in granting me, most unworthy of women, the pure pleasure of mothering His children.

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