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I finally found my old Homeschool Blogger blog which I started while we were missionaries in Mexico. As I prepare to speak at the Valley Home Educator Conference on teaching history it was fun to read about one of our history studies.
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We are studying Early American History this year, and in my quest to save money on curriculum, I did not buy one for history.  I have to admit, I had quite a collection of materials from my 10 years of homeschooling, and I was helped by my sweet friend, Jennifer Steward .

I have so far been reading The Light And The Glory For Children,  A Child's Story of America, (borrowed from Kate ) and Calico Bush, a story of Colonial Maine.  It has been great to read aloud more, do oral and written narration and use my collection of coloring books for coloring pages.  I had been using Story of The World, which I liked, except felt we missed a view of God’s providence in history.  It is important to be discerning, one view of God’s will and work, might not match with another one, (could Jamestown really be called a Christian settlement?) but I don’t want to leave God out of history.

We are having fun, the children drew pictures of Indian homes, built a log cabin out of sticks, and we had a Mayflower day where we ate pea soup and crackers for lunch aboard our boat(the living room rug).

Teaching my children history is one of my favorite reasons to homeschool.

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