Summer Fun

Although I have my 180 days for the school year (about 5 more than the schools in my district do) we kind of just fell into summer break, rather than a big end of the year hurrah. My oldest daughter came home for a few weeks from the camp she works at and we took a break from school to clean up the yard for a baby shower.
 We found pretty pink Chinese lanterns at Michaels, strung pink beads on bracelets to play the, "Don't Say Baby" game, and served pink lemonade and a pink strawberries and cream cake. Yes, the guest of honor is having a girl.

After the baby shower excitement, and in part because a link from Ann Voskamp led me to a series of very organized homes (Beware, after viewing these tidy houses you will not feel comfy until you have organized something), I spent the next free day organizing a few kitchen cupboards. I think the real key is that I also instructed my children that here is where the salt goes and over there is where the vitamins belong. Instructing is so important. We cannot expect what we have not explained.

How did you start your summer holidays?

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