Video Games and Boys

I read this article recently from CNN News and was thankful that we have been able to minimize the role of video games in our family. I understand that for many young men, video games are just a fun outlet for energy, but with so much evidence pointing toward video games as a culprit in undermotivated boys, why even start allowing your boys to play them? In the home we are training the tastes of our children, and in doing so practicing the Dominion Mandate. There are so many interesting and creative things your young men can be doing, things that will develop further skills instead of eroding their energy and self esteem.
Here are a few examples of what my boys do to stay busy.
foosball at the orphanage

Work in the yard.
Draw cartoons
Play Legos
Play Plamobiles
Work with their Dad
Practice Karate
Build forts

Lego creation

oldest son

Pick and eat berries
Make wooden swords and fight with them
Ride bikes
Work for money
Plant a garden
Play on You Cam
Feed the goat
dissecting an owl pellet
Play soccer with orphans in Mexico
Go to the beach
Go to the river
Help a grandparent

Obviously the list can go on and on, but realize that for thousands of years boys grew up just fine without video games, it can still be done.

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