A New School Year

I have spent many hours today preparing paperwork for the private cover school that we use instead of filing our own private school affidavit. Part of this paperwork is a Course of Study for each student.

My oldest student who has struggled with a learning and communication disorder will be in 11th grade (I graduated my first in 2011).  She does have an interest in college though, so I am careful to follow the advice of American Christian Academy to have her subjects line up with state requirements for high school graduates.
As you can see, we are very budget minded in our curriculum choices.

Bible-Studying God's Word, Christian Liberty Press (from a friend)
Math- Pre-Algebra, Teaching Textbooks (borrowed from my sister)
English- American Literature, Abeka Book (I got these from a friend or a used book sale)
English Composition- Institute for Excellence in Writing, Fairy Tales, Myths and Fables. (purchased, composition and math are my daughter's biggest struggles, but I.E.W. has helped a lot.)
History- U.S. History, Carson, A Basic History of the United States (from a friend)
Science- Biology (Apologia, purchased at a used book sale)
P.E.- Running, Pilates
Music- Piano
Electives-Fine Art (beginner drawing at 4H
                Sewing (4H also)

Second student, 10th grade is doing all of the same curriculum as my 11th grader except that he is in Teaching Textbooks Algebra , Bob Jones Spanish 2,IEW Bible Based Writing Lessons, and Martial Arts for P.E. Also, for him, no sewing but he does have a drawing class at 4H.

7th Grade Boy

Bible- Long Story Short, A devotion which I purchased and do with all the children for morning Bible. I love this devotional. He is also copying the book of Proverbs.
Math- Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra. I am doing it with students 1 and 3 so that when they get to Algebra I can actually help them!
English Grammar- Rod and Staff 5
Writing- All Things Fun and Fascinating, (purchased from IEW).
Science-Botany (Apologia, from a friend)
Keyboarding-Mavis Beacon
History- America Land I Love (Abeka Book, used book sale)
Latin- Latin's Not So Tough (borrowed from my sister) I would usually do Spanish instead of Latin because of our ministry in Mexico but this child is interested in a career in science so it makes sense to me to give him some Latin.
P.E. Martial Arts

5th Grade Boy

Pretty much the same as the 7th grade boy except that after re-reading The Trivium Pursuit's information about math and realizing that he is after all, only 9, I am letting him finish Teaching Textbooks Math 5 which he started last year. I am also doing Story of the World Volume 4 with the younger three, and he will supplement with some time-period reading.  My readers don't need to be asked to read, the 9 year old is reading The Lord of the Rings, so although I try to make a book list of books I want them to read, I am not worried about them reading enough.
We will do co-op activities for both our science and history to make those studies more interesting for the children, and to get science experiments done. I find it easier to do projects when I am doing it with another family.

1st Grade Girl

Her history and science are the same as the 7th and 5th graders, tailored to her level.
Math- Miquon, I like Math U See better, but Miquon is cheaper so we did that this year. We do a lot of counting as part of our day.
English- Spell to Write and Read, owned it for years
               Explode the Code, book 1 and 2 (purchased new)
               Classically Cursive- book 1 (purchased new)
               Bob Books, owned for years
My favorite thing I am doing with her this year is reading The Little House on the Prairie series aloud. It has been a happy memory to read these to my children every few years.
She and her younger brother also play dress up and listen to stories, play with play dough and paint. I believe very strongly in young children having enough time to develop their imagination and learn motor skills, subjects not well served with work books.

So far, school is going well, using the I.E.W. writing curriculum and Teaching Textbooks have made a big difference for us.


  1. I can't believe Ella is in first grade! BTW, I used Miquon and loved it. The kids made a great transition into 4th grade Saxon afterwards.
    You are doing such a wonderful job of educating your children, Jennifer. God bless your school year with much success, spiritual and academic growth! Love you and yours, Valerie

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement Valerie, it means a lot coming from you.
      There are areas that we could be doing better at, but I love it that my children enjoy reading and discussing with me what they read. I think those two things are very profitable in terms of wisdom and understanding.
      Miss you and your family,

  2. I'm creating a blogroll of blogs that blog (at least occasionally) about homeschooling high school. (http://letshomeschoolhighschool.com/homeschool-high-school-blogs/) I came across yours today and added your button to our list and feed. If you would rather not be on our list, please feel free to email me at kerry@letshomeschoolhighschool.com. Thanks in advance! Blessings...

    1. Thanks Kerry,
      I am glad to be included in your list. Homeschooling high school is not so hard, and I really love having my teens around.

  3. This sounds like a great plan! I love the Explode the Code books for the younger ones, and like you, find that 4-H does fill some gaps that need to be filled. We started school this last week with a couple of subjects, and will round it out next week with everything finally going. And, if I get my act together, I plan to blog about our schedule too. Have a blessed weekend!