Science Presentations

I have always loved giving my children opportunities to do oral reports. I feel that it provides valuable experience in the art of eloquence as well as building confidence in my children.
Another aspect of oral presentations that I love is that it really does inspire my children to do their best work. If their friends are all going to see their projects then we all work a little harder to make them look good.
A rhizome which we dug up and photographed.
Sometimes though I just don't know how to make a project look nice. I am not a naturally crafty person, I really can't even scrapbook to save my life and so making presentations look good is not my strong suit.
It was a blessing when on a recent Sunday at church, which meets in a Seventh Day Adventist School, we were able to enjoy looking at beautiful biology displays that had been created by their students. These displays sparked in my children some ideas for displays of their own. Fortunately this happened just a week before we were to meet with our botany co-op.
 It was so neat to see my children take the initiative to find different types of roots, photograph them and then build their presentation. I love learning with my children and those moments when their interest is sparked and they are excited about what they are learning makes all the hours of slogging through the tedious lessons worthwhile.

Emmett presenting his report on root systems

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