Swim Lessons for Little Ones

Having a backyard pool has been a huge blessing to our family. Aside from saving us money on summer outings and air conditioning, it has also added lots of good physical activity for my children.
Although my youngest son spent so much time in the pool last summer that at three, he was swimming across the pool, we still wanted to see him refine his budding skills this year.

We were fortunate to have a local connection who could give swimming lessons. She is a coach for the young swimmers on our local swim team and has been training as a swimmer for several years. She really knew how to pass her skills on to my young children without any pressure, they had fun and learned better skills at the same time.

Even my older children were excited about the lessons. She was able to give them some valuable tips for becoming faster, more efficient swimmers. This was a great five day stint of P.E. for our family, and since that class is not my strong point I really get excited when I can find valid things to write down for P.E. Weeding the garden, sadly, does not look that great on a high school transcript for Physical Education Class. Swimming in the family pool is one option that we have found to work well for our family at the present time.

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