Eight Great Resources for Parents of Special Needs Kids

A lending library, family directory and discussion board are just a few of many resources here for families with special kids

Home School Legal Defense Association has counsel at their web site for parents of special needs children

Sharon Hensley has 28 years of experience counseling home school families with special needs kids. Her ministry includes book sales, a private umbrella school and counseling.

Help with Learning Neuroeducational Consulting is dedicated to helping children and adults reach their full God given potential.
They provide testing and a home program of activities to help children with a variety of disabilities.

#5 Homeschooling The Challenging Child
This book by Christine Field is one of my favorites for home schooling special kids. Full of practical advice, checklists and resource lists.

#6 Too Wise To Be Mistaken, Too Good To Be Unkind
Cathy Steere writes a memoir about helping her autistic son. It includes a good resource list as well as an overview of the neurodevelopment approach.

#7 The Out of Sync Child
Carol Stock Kranowitz writes this wonderful book which includes many exercises to help children overcome sensory difficulties. It includes helpful checklists.

#8 Healing The New Childhood Epidemics 
Kenneth Bock’s fascinating book which links autism, asthma, ADHD and allergies to toxins that children are exposed to. I especially appreciated the information about the impact food allergies have on learning as well as the nutritional information.

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