A Fresh New Year With Fresh New Goals

Photo courtesy, Emelie Pepito

I love Christmas, but as soon as the day is past, I am ready to get organized for the new year. One of my favorite New Year's traditions is getting the decorations put away and the rooms dusted and vacuumed. It is so nice to have everything fresh and clean again. Another of my favorite traditions for the first day of the year is making a whole new set of goals to help define the coming year. 

Although I have read many books on goal setting, one of my favorite systems was well explained by missionary wife Colleen Adams at a women's meeting I went to. Thankfully my creative friend Rebecca, beautifully explains the whole system here, visit her page and you will find a very clear explanation of each area of goal setting. The short story is that, instead of trying to make A, B and C goals, or just a big list of general goals for the year, Colleen's method has you break down your goal setting into eight different areas. Also, instead of making goals for the whole year, these goals are meant to be for a shorter time period, such as three months.

Although, some of last year's goals, have found their way back onto this year's list, making goals and working towards them is a useful way of starting to develop the good habits that make up an orderly life and a civilized world.
Photo courtesy, Emelie Pepito

As a starting point for your 2014 goal setting, I have included my goals for the first three months of the year, in each of eight areas.

1. Self Care
Pilates 5 times per week (planning for 5, might help me get at least 2 in!)
Drink 5 glasses of water per day (coffee doesn't count)

2. Spiritual Life
Finish Experiencing God (Henry Blackaby)
Spend first 30 minutes of the day in prayer/Bible study

3. Intellect/Emotions 
(for me right now, these are some homeschool goals)
Finish Algebra with second daughter
Consistent school with youngest children

4. Relationships
Spend friendly time with hubby when he arrives home 
(complaining about the day, or asking him to do a project does not count)
Read aloud to children daily

5. Time Management
No phone/computer until priorities 1, 2 and 3 are done
Up and productive by 7am

6. Nest Management
Keep my room clean
Keep the laundry room clean
(2 hot spots that make me feel better when tidy)

7. Uniquely You
(This might mean weekly pedicures, or more time spent on self care, 
but those aren't my top priorities right now)
Consistent blog upkeep
Keep closet organized

8. Financial Stewardship
Make a list of accounts
Organize household filing system

I hope these give you some ideas for your own goal setting. Be sure and pray through your goals and let God give you inspiration about what you should be doing. Then, once your goals are written down, find a friend to be your accountability partner and enjoy seeing all that you accomplish this year.

The steps of a good man are ordered of the Lord: and he delighteth in his way
Psalm 37:23

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  1. Those (#6) hotspots are mine, too, and I'm working on them as well! Blessings on your journey.

    1. Thanks for visiting Lisa. I loved your "Skinny is not Healthy Post"!
      Funny thing about my hotspots is that, this week, part of my house flooded and I lost my laundry room completely. Walking in there right now is like going outside, with a large hole where the drains to the house were excavated to fix a problem. I guess the lesson to me is to keep making goals, but learn to be flexible when God allows a distraction, however difficult the distraction may be.