A Valentine Themed Bridal Shower



My niece got married last weekend! This was the first of the children of my siblings to be married so it was a whole new adventure for my sister and her family. My girls and I with the help of the rest of the lovely ladies in our extended family had the privilege of throwing her a bridal shower.
Each of the bridesmaids contributed a food item within our finger food theme. There were many tasty morsels thanks to the creative bridal party.

Brie and Crackers with a creative heart cutout.
This was the first bridal shower I had been involved in for many years. There have been many baby celebrations but this was a whole new party realm, and with the advent of Pinterest, party throwing has been ramped up a notch.

The shower was just after Valentines Day, so I was able to score some lovely heart accessories at the Dollar store. To get the guests mingling, we wrote the names of famous romantic characters from books and movies on foam heart stickers and then stuck them on the back of guests as they came in. We then instructed the guests to ask other guests yes or no questions about their character. 

We also used heart shaped cutouts for guests to write love and marriage advice on, which they could then insert into our jar of sweet hearts. This made for a fun keepsake for the bride and stood in the place of a guestbook.

My niece Amanda, made this gorgeous pink ombré layer cake as well as 50 more yummy cupcakes.


For beverages we made a sparkling citrus punch and purchased bottles of pink champagne and moscato, all chosen for their pretty labels. Thankfully, they tasted good also!


My crafty sister made the gorgeous banner with her Stampin Up tools.


The happy bride was showered with wonderful gifts to furnish her new kitchen, along with a few other fun things for the sweet couple. It was a wonderful celebration with all the amazing ladies of our family.


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