Stealthy Toy Storage Solutions

We live in a home which is not tiny, but with our big family, it is a bit light on storage space. I do love keeping an assortment of toys on hand though, both for my own children and for visiting children. I fondly remember visiting a wonderful ministry family, who although their own children were grown, when we visited with our bunch of young children they would always pull out an exciting bin of Playmobiles to entertain my youngsters.

The hidden toy cupboard
Some of our toys are not played with daily and so they need to be stored in their particular category but they don't need to be in plain sight. We were able to find some extra space for these toys by converting an unused wood storage cupboard.

 My husband built a platform so we could easily slide toy baskets in but the toys were in such a random assortment of bins and baskets which did not fit well, and because the bins were open, my children had started tossing random toys in, creating a frustrating mess.

Inside the cupboard before the new bins

To solve this problem I purchased under bed storage bins which were the perfect size for stacking and holding the toys, and not too heavy for a young child to slide in and out.

After the new bins
These bins contain our beloved Playmobile, Loving Family and Wooden Trains, toys that are still favorites with my younger kids but which don't need to be cluttering up our living space on a daily basis. I love the uniform size, and having these fun toys accessible and yet orderly is perfect for our family.
How do you keep toys accessible without letting them overrun your home?

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