2014/2015 Curriculum Plan

I am so excited about this school year. I graduated my second student last year and so this year I only have five students to homeschool. I also have no babies or toddlers this year and although I would love a baby and I miss that stage, it will be really fun to delve a little deeper into learning this year with my school age children.
My oldest student is taking most of his classes at the local junior college so I will only be overseeing a few classes for my advanced students. I love having other teachers involved with my older students and so far, they have had good experiences in their classes.
Because I just published Bountiful Homeschooling On A Budget, I am also including what I paid for each class or subject.
So here it is, the 2014/2015 curriculum plan.

12th Grade Son

Bible-One Year Bible (I own)
English 1A (Jr. College, $14 fee, dual enrollment is free in California but there is a registration fee.)
Algebra 2 (Jr. College, $0)
World History, BJU (given to me several years ago)
Biology  (Jr. College)
Peer Tutoring (Jr. College)
Guitar (self taught with occasional lessons)
Physical Education, Martial Arts ($195 per month for the whole family)
Spanish 3 (BJU, I own the book, donation find at a non-profit book sale)

9th Grade Son

Bible-Studying God's Word-Book G (Christian Liberty Press, free)
English 151, Intro to College Composition (Jr. College, $14 fee)
Algebra 1-(Teaching Textbooks, purchased last year)
U.S. History (Clarence Carson, given by a friend several years ago.)
Physical Science-(Purchased for $25 from a friend a few years ago.)
Spanish 1 (BJU, I own)
Physical Ed-Martial Arts (see 12th grade boy for cost)
Speech Club ($125 for the family plus tournament fees, we will probably do 1 or 2 tournaments)

camping fun

7th Grade Son

Lincoln's Daily Devotional-(Given to me)
TT Math 7 (owned for several years)
Rod and Staff Grammar 5 with worksheets (I own)
America-Land I Love-(ABeka, I own)
Reading (I took all my American History books, put them in a basket and the children will read them)
Spelling-Spell To Write and Read ( I own)
Science- (CLP Nature Readers, Computer Science, pre-owned or computer tutorials)
Piano- (Local friend $12-15 a lesson twice a month)
Speech Club (see 9th gr.)
Martial Arts (see 12th gr.)

3rd Grade Daughter

Bible-(CLP Book B, I own)
Math- (Saxon 3, $20 at used book sale)
Explode The Code 6 (trade in at used book store)
A Reason For Handwriting  ($14, purchased at Homeschool Conference)
English For The Thoughtful Child (owned for years)
Spell To Write and Read (I own)
Picture Story (my older daughter made this form to use with our narrations)
Reading (BJU Reader/CLP Nature Reader)
Life Science (Steck Vaughn Workbook, given to me)
Piano (Local Friend, $10 a lesson)
Ballet ($50 a month)
my youngest students

K/1 Son

Bible- I read children's Bible
Math N More (Review copy, owned for several years)
Explode The Code 1 (trade in from homeschool used book store)
All About Spelling (borrowed from a friend)
Handwriting Without Tears (13.81, Amazon)
Spelling Power Book A (I own)
Reading-I am reading Early American History books this year, more on that to come)
Science- Nature Study

We are also doing an early American History project day with a few friends which will be a fun opportunity to present reports, do map work and make crafts. This will be a highlight of the year for us.

I only spent around $65 dollars for curriculum this year, which makes it one of my most economical years ever. This is so helpful because I also have more monthly activities than usual. When totaled, these monthly activities add up to around $300 dollars a month. Although my homeschool students cost very little this year, my two students who we are helping put through college, have classes and books that are not quite as economical, another reason I am thankful that I was able to keep curriculum costs low this year. The upside is that my homeschool students are taking some of the same classes as the college students and can share their books, resulting in more savings.

What books are you using this year? How have you stayed within budget? I would love to hear about it!


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Jenn! Some good suggestions and a few we might try this year. Miss you and the kids miss your kids too :-)

    1. We miss you too Jenn! I so wish we could do lunch and thrifting together this fall.