Heavenly Mothers are Thankful -Day 11

"Enter his gates with thanksgiving…." 
Psalm 100:4

I have to admit, it is very easy to be thankful today. I am on a sisters retreat with my sisters, mother and daughters and having a wonderful time. I haven't had to cook dinner for a couple days, and I am able to completely ignore the pile of laundry that never really disappears. Not only am I blessed with a lack of work over these few days, but I am also blessed with a super sweet time with my girls.

What about the regular days? The days that are full of never ending work and chaos control. The days when I am overwhelmed with how to encourage each of my children in their divergent interests and pursuits. These are the days when entering His gates with thanksgiving is really a labor of love.
These days are when a book such as One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp is such a blessing. Her book so beautifully portrayed giving thanks for the smallest of blessings, the sight and smell of the dish washing suds can even be an object of thankfulness. 

As we learn to give thanks for everyday blessings, our peace and joy will increase and we will model for our children that we know the Giver of all good gifts.
As the day winds down, I picked up my mom's copy of the devotional, "Jesus Calling" and found a striking thought there.
 "Though I have brought many pleasures into your life, not one of them is essential. Receive my blessings with open hands. Enjoy My good gifts, but do not cling to them. Turn your attention to the Giver of all good things, and rest in the knowledge that you are complete in Me. The one thing you absolutely need is the one thing you can never lose: My Presence with you. (Jesus Calling p.298)

What are you thankful for today?

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