Heavenly Mothers Sing -Day 8

"Come before his presence with singing." Psalm 100:2b

I have had many days when I was so discouraged or weary that singing to Jesus was the last thing on my mind. All I really wanted to do was crawl under my covers and ignore the chaos around me.

During some of my most difficult days as a mother I did have one realization. Worship is warfare (2 Chronicles 20:21 is a good example). When we are discouraged, the worst thing that we can do is silence our mouths and go into our heads. 

Often, when we are having a hard day, the stuff going on in our heads is a big, fat pack of lies. When we open up our mouths and sing to Jesus, we start to tell the truth, and it is very hard to sing to Jesus and keep listening to lies at the same time.

Some days the only song I could muster up to sing was this one; "Ho, Ho, Ho, Hosanna, Ha, Ha, Hallelujah, He, He, He, He saved me and I've got the joy of the Lord."

It is a bit of a silly song but since we know that a merry heart is like medicine, even faking laughter through a silly song can get you started in the right direction.

Children thrive when their parents are joyful, they can relax and learn when they don't have to worry about what emotions their parents are dealing with. God loves you and is working things out for your good, so for the sake of your children, and for the sake of your own joy, open your mouth and start singing and declaring the truth of how good God.

Worshipping God and enjoying his presence is the closest we get to heaven on earth. As we keep worship music playing in our home and join with our children in lifting up our voices to our Savior, we give them the opportunity to experience the sweet presence of God as well.

What is your favorite worship music?
This is a current favorite of mine.

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  1. Seriously blessed by this post too! Keep up the good work at home and here on the blog. Wen